Park La Palma in Anaheim is a commercial condo village. These are light industrial-use buildings clustered into a center where each tenant owns their unit. A commercial owner association (COA) oversees landscaping and similar functions to preserve the exterior’s curb appeal. Recently, the COA manager reached out to our sign shop to discuss the design, production, and installation of new 3D street numbers.

Replacing and Upgrading Building Numbers for Wayfinding and Fresh Curb Appeal

3D street numbersThe COA was undertaking a complete repainting of the units’ exteriors. Doing so required the removal of the existing but degraded street numbers. Therefore, it was critical to have new building numbers ready to go. When we met with the client, the team outlined its need for replacing numerals for ten buildings.

3D street numbersMoreover, they would have to be highly visible, durable, and perfectly accentuate the new light gray color presentation. We recommended the use of Sintra-brand PVC. With a stud mount, these numbers would integrate perfectly into the building’s new look. Besides that, the three-quarter-inch thick material with the black satin finish looks professional and boosts curb appeal.

Part and parcel of our consultation were discussions about the most visible address locations that would make it easier for customers to find the businesses they are looking for.

Work with the Experts in Street Number Design, Production, and Installation

3D street numbersSuperior Signs and Graphics technicians routinely work with property managers, homeowners’ associations, and commercial owner associations to put in place building numerals that stand out. There is more to the design of street numbers than flat-cutting material and installing it.

For example, did you know that due to neighborhood changes, your building numbers’ current placement may no longer be advantageous? Moreover, were you aware that the design of street numbers heavily influences curb appeal? Therefore, replacing the numerals and any lettering with carbon copies of what you currently have could be a mistake.

3D street numbersIn the same way, it could be an error to buy numbers out of a bin at the hardware store. After all, when you have the opportunity to imbue any aspect of your setup with a brand identity, should you not take it?

Get the Right 3D Street Numbers in Orange County CA

3D street numbersWe specialize in customizing a street number display that suits your location. By selecting a lightweight material such as PVC, we can install the products on virtually any surface, no matter its makeup. Moreover, this material is a good choice when you want to have a set you can install and forget about for a long time.

That said, PVC is not your only option. Metal, acrylic, and sign foam are other choices that many business clients have used in the past. Because your buildings’ curb appeal will be different from that of another client, we approach each project with a blank slate. If a look or material might not be a good solution, we will tell you.

In fact, reach out to our sign shop right now to schedule your design consultation!

3D street numbers