What Makes the Signworld Business Alliance Superior to Self-Starting?

What Makes the Signworld Business Superior to Self-Starting Alliance?

Thinking about starting a sign business, but not sure whether to partner up or go it alone?

Today’s post is meant to help you make an informed decision. Read on to learn just a few of the ways the Signworld business alliance is superior to self-starting.

The Signworld Business Alliance Offers A Stable Foundation

When you join the Signworld business alliance, you get access to our proprietary business model and processes:

  • Custom sign production capabilities and an extensive product line
  • Low-overhead brick-and-mortar shop in a light business area
  • B2B business model that operates according to standard work hours (Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5, no holidays or late nights)
  • A comfortable work environment with a small staff and no loud noises, odors, or dangerous chemicals
  • A relationship-based business with 80% repeat customers, many of whom are national in scope
  • A non-cash transaction business where you don’t have to worry about who’s holding the cashbox
  • Considerable resale value in the manufacturing sector, should you choose to sell your company
  • Established eCommerce processes that give you global reach and reliable passive sales (50% or more of your sales can be generated through your website alone)

These are incredible assets, particularly in the early months of business. Self-starters would have to invest years of planning and trial-by-fire to establish this foundation, all while struggling “in the red.” In contrast, Signworld business partners get access to our proven system from day-one, and can redirect all the energy it would take to dream up something similar into building their business in other ways.

The Signworld Business Alliance Doesn’t Deprive You of The Start-Up Experience

The start-up experience is full of important lessons, and the payoff is extremely gratifying. Though we steer you clear of costly pitfalls and streamline the process, Signworld partners still get all the best that the start-up experience has to offer. You are still your own boss and have 100% autonomy during the start-up process–we’re just waiting on the sidelines to help you break through any barriers and solve any stubborn problems that may arise.

Self-starters have to endure all the trials and tribulations of the start-up process, but they’re often too busy fighting for their lives to take in the most important lessons.

The Signworld Business Alliance Offers Expert Support When You Need It

We’re not here to railroad you–no rules, no royalties–we’re not just here to help.

We offer a comprehensive training program that is designed to transform anyone with the right attitude into a sign expert. Most of your questions and concerns will be addressed here before you’ve even had a chance to ask.

This alone is invaluable–proven training systems are definitely the envy of self-starters forced to learn the same hard lessons via ruined products, burned bridges, and lost sales.

But the support doesn’t stop there.

The Signworld business alliance is made up of more than 330 sign companies, 75 Preferred Partners, and a complete corporate team, all of whom work together and support each other. Signworld owners talk regularly, collaborate on projects, share networking opportunities and referrals, and troubleshoot problems, either in-person or on the Owner’s website.

Signworld Partners Enjoy Exclusive Vendor Relationships

When you join our alliance, you get exclusive access to our established professional network–something that can take years for self-starters to acquire. This means bigger discounts, exclusive products, local referrals, and more.

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