Dimensional Lettering

From traditional to ornamental, dimensional lettering offers an expansive product range for interior and exterior signs. Substrates for dimensional lettering include laser cut acrylic, formed plastic, metal laminate, solid metal aluminum and injection molded lettering. These substrates can be internally lit, backlit, front lit or non-illuminated. They may be installed to project from the surface they are fixed to or lay flush against it. The lettering and graphics can be chosen from your existing portfolio or custom designed by you or the customer. All of these numerous variations add up to a vast product line for your customers to chose from, helping you establish yourself as the go-to sign manufacturer for any dimensional lettering need. The more variety you as a Signworld owner can offer your customers, the more value you add to your business.

As a new Signworld owner, you can specialize in dimensional lettering right from the start by partnering with the Preferred Partner network to assist you in any orders you may not be able to fill directly. This gives you the ability to offer these diverse signage solutions to your customers, prevents you from becoming pigeon-holed into a specific “look” or type of sign and, most importantly, gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as the preferred vendor for all of your customers signage solutions. Eventually, as you master the production and installation of dimensional lettering, you will become the sign solution expert for your entire customer base.

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