Backlit signage is a widely varied and highly customizable signage solution that you as a new Signworld owner can offer to your customers. Both interior and exterior, these signs can either be designed as translucent vinyl or film overlay over a light source or constructed as dimensional lettering with the light source behind the letter body. Heavily utilized in retail, healthcare and directional signages, the options for backlit signage are numerous. Able to utilize the full color spectrum and customizable to accommodate any design or graphic, backlit signs allows you as a Signworld owner the opportunity to meet a wide variety of needs for your customers.

Given its similarities to vinyl and dimensional lettering, backlit signage is something that you as a new Signworld owner can offer your customers early into your business. However, should your customer demands exceed your production capabilities, you will have the option to enlist the support of the Preferred Partner network, allowing you to fulfill the needs of your customers while still earning a profit.