Awnings are often seen in front of stores, restaurants, and hotel entrances. Besides creating some shade outside a business, awnings increase visibility and make a shop stand out of their building. In areas where it is often rainy or snowy, awnings can be a great way to promote a business while offering some shelter from the elements. Awnings are made to last, strong, and fire retardant. Most awnings consist of fabric stretched over and secured to a metal frame that is welded or bolted to a building. Awnings come in several different styles such as concave, quarter round, dome, and traditional. As a Signworld owner, you will have the opportunity to add value to your customers businesses by providing these multipurpose exterior structures.   Awnings can also be printed on, allowing you as a Signworld owner to add whatever logo or graphics your customers may desire for their shop exterior.  With lighting options including backlit, front lit or non illuminated, you will have the flexibility to provide for your customers various awning needs.

As a new Signworld owner, you have the option to collaborate with your Preferred Partner network on everything in the awning manufacture process including the design, construction and installation.  However, should you choose to focus your new business on the awning market, you will have the option to pursue this market and expand your business portfolio.

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