Banners are one of the most classic types of signage in the industry and have come a long way in recent years. Typically serving a short term purpose, banners are categorized as either indoor or outdoor signs with a selection of materials for either.  Design possibilities are endless with banners as they can accommodate any design, logo or color scheme to fit the needs of customers.  Available on vinyl, canvas, wind-resistant mesh materials or a polyester-nylon fabric, banners can serve just about any purpose from a single use “happy birthday”  or “one day sale” sign to seasonal outdoor decor that is rotated every few months and reused numerous times.  In either circumstance, banners are a product with a relatively short lifespan, leading to your customers frequent need to reorder new banners, generating repeat business for you as a Signworld owner.

As a new Signworld owner you will be able to offer your customers whatever banner solutions they desire while simultaneously establishing yourself as their overall sign solution expert.  At your disposal, you will have the entire Preferred Partner network should your order volumes exceed your current production capabilities.  However, once your business has grown you will have the opportunity to expand your production capabilities and fulfill more, if not all of your business in-house.  This will allow you to offer more competitive pricing, grow your profit margins while expanding your business.