Channel letter signs are a very common signage need for business owners.  Largely exterior signs, channel letters are hallow fixtures that can be designed as front facing or reverse fabricated signs.  Crafted from solid materials like plastic or aluminum, channel letter signs are designed to withstand the elements for long periods of time, making them smart, long-term investments for business owners.  Front facing signs are fitted with a thin colored film and internally lit with either neon gas tub lighting or LED modules to create a colorfully lit front display. Alternatively reverse fabricated signs feature a solid face with their lighting situated behind them, giving the letters a halo-like glow.  Highly customizable, channel letters can be constructed to fit any font, color or design, giving you as a Signworld owner total flexibility in your product offerings.

As a new Signworld owner, you’re able to partner with the Preferred Partner network on the design, manufacture and installation of channel letter signs should you so choose.  Once you have gained more experience and your customer demand for channel lettering has increased, you have the option to expand your production capacity and handle the entire channel letter process from start to finish.