Pole signs are arguably the most visible types of signs in the industry.  Often referred to as roadside signs, highway signs, freeway signs or pylon signs, pole signs are as varied as they are visible.  Constructed with foundations as deep as eight feet into the ground, pole signs can reach heights of up to 60 feet, and are sturdy enough to provide long term signage solutions for your clients.  With options for signage including dimensional lettering, channel lettering, neon lettering, LED display signs or vinyl film over a backlit surface and constructed from metal poles, brick, stucco or masonry materials, pole signs can be designed to fit whatever design or need the business owner wishes to fulfill.

As a new Signworld owner,  you will have access to the entire Preferred Partner network should your pole sign orders exceed your current manufacturing capabilities.  However, once your business has expanded you will have the opportunity to grow your production capabilities and fulfill more, if not all of your business in-house.  This will allow you to offer more competitive pricing, expand your profit margins while growing your business.