Post and panel signs provide economical and versatile solutions to many companies external signage needs.  Whether your customer needs signage to identify their business, inform their guests or customers, advertise their business, or even to direct traffic through their establishment, post and panel signs are an excellent way for business owners to communicate with their customers. Signs can be manufactured in various customized sizes and shapes to your customer’s exacting specifications for permanent or semi permanent applications.  Available in substances such as wood, PVC, aluminum or polymetal, post and panel signs offer a variety of durable and long lasting signage solutions suitable for any particular application.

As a new Signworld owner, you can access the Preferred Partner network for resources and assistance in the design, manufacture and installation of all post and panel signs and still turn a healthy profit.  Once you have built your business and experience to your satisfaction, you will have the option to expand your operation to include post and panel signs on a more permanent basis.