The walls of buildings can provide some of the most versatile opportunities for graphic applications today.  With the proper application of graphics these surfaces can help improve to the environments of office workspaces, retail spaces, educational buildings, healthcare facilities, etc. These graphics can be utilized to transform an environment completely or simply to display a brand or logo within or throughout a workplace. Wall graphics come in varying degrees of longevity as well, spanning from temporary aesthetics to permanent solutions.  There are an infinite number of applications for wall graphics that you as a Signworld owner can capitalize on.  Establishing yourself as the provider of wall graphics within your customer network will provide you with abundant repeat business as well as give you the foot in the door with your customers for all their other signage needs.  Once your business expands beyond your current capacity, you may partner with your Preferred Partner network to fulfill customer orders while still generating profits or you can expand your operation to fill all your new customer orders yourself.