Real Business Benefits of LED Signage

LED Signage

In today’s post, the Signworld team discusses some of the real business benefits of using LED signage. Learn how this sign option can make you money, help you hit marketing goals, and save you time.

  • Incredible versatility. Unlike painted or printed signage, LEDs can be to use display virtually any movement, digital flashes, color changes, and animations. Unlike the long glass tubes used with neon and fluorescent light, the unique segmented composition of LEDs can be programmed so each section flashes, fades, or lights up separately. This means LEDs can be set up for displays that simply wouldn’t be possible with other electronic signage options, giving your business a chance to truly stand out from competitors.

  • Longer lifespan for more savings. Quality LEDs can run for 50,000-100,000 hours, which outlasts both fluorescent and neon sign lighting. Compared to the alternatives, LEDs require less upkeep and fewer replacements, which saves your time, money, and attention for areas of your business that really matter.
  • Low-maintenance lighting option. Building on our previous point about saving you on replacements, LEDs are also extremely low maintenance. Since they run cool and contain no hazardous gasses, they’re easy to clean. They also run remarkably well in outdoor applications, requiring no significant protection from the elements. All in all, LEDs are a simple, rugged, and reliable lighting option that’s as headache-free to install as they are to maintain.
  • Eye-catching brightness. LED technology creates a clear yet brilliant light that is attractive to the eye and easy to read from any distance. LED signage stands out boldly in the night yet remains perfectly legible in sunlight. This means that your message will be highly visible and engaging any time of day.

    Moreover, not only do LEDs signs outlast the alternatives, but they retain their brightness for longer as well. Rather than exciting mercury gas like CFLs, LEDs use a  semiconductor to emit visible light as electric currents pass. This means that LED bulbs won’t leak gas as they age, which is a common cause for dimming.

    LEDs’ eye-catching brightness and round-the-clock visibility will help you meet your marketing goals with more impressions, more leads, and more conversions.

  • Modern appearance and appeal. LED signs are striking and contemporary in a way that traditional signage cannot hope to be. While there are plenty of reasons to use graphics, tradeshow banners, and A-frames in your store, LED signs speak strongly to millennials and tech-savvy demographics who are more used to reading digital screens than physical print. If your business is targeting these kinds of buyers, LED signage goes a long way.
  • Environmentally friendly options for lower overhead and higher morale. It feels great knowing that your signage is contributing to a greener planet, but doing that all while saving money on utilities is even better. Whether your business needs an eco-friendly brand image or a lower power bill, LED signage is a perfect choice.

    LED signs use only around 10 watts of power, which is nearly 80% less than neon signage. Moreover, LED lights contain no toxic gases like mercury or argon, and they are 100% recyclable.

    Finally, since LED lights run cool compared to neon and CFL bulbs, you won’t have to worry about a big indoor display affecting your thermostat and overclocking the A/C!

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