Signs Of The Times: Industry Reports Show Rising Demand For Sign Operations

Signs Of The Times: Industry Reports Show Rising Demand For Sign Operations

The research strongly indicates that there is a rising demand by many different types of businesses for sign operations. We mention the findings of that research here for your consideration to indicate that your signage company can likely thrive if you provide a diversity of services for a wide array of companies and industries that require signs, such as floor signs and electric signs particularly.

Diversity Is Imperative

The diversity of the types of services that sign operations offer contributes to their success in continuing to have customers from a wide assortment of industries who require the types of signage that they produce. There has been an astounding increase in the demand for floor graphics, which is what is contributing to the financial success of many sign operations. With sign operations continuing to see this steadiness in the demand for floor graphics as well as other types of signage, which also includes a high demand for electric signs, sign operations are indeed demonstrating a high level of impressive resiliency. Sign operations are prevailing in the midst of challenging times because of their determined focus on offering diversity in their signage services.

Increase In Sales

Sixty-five percent of sign operations were pleased to indicate that they had experienced an increase in their number of sales. Sixteen percent of the businesses indicated that their sales had remained at the same level. As a result of the increase in sales, there has been a need to increase the purchase of more equipment, such as cranes, bucket trucks, digital printers, routers, vinyl-cutting plotters, laminators, software along with other items that are relevant for sign operations. Many companies indicated that they had a profit margin of just over twenty-nine percent.

Spending For New Equipment

Many sign operations indicated that they are planning to spend over thirty thousand dollars on equipment during this current year. Some companies, in fact, are planning to spend one hundred thousand dollars and more on equipment. The need for more equipment is because of the increased demand in the diversity of sign needs among many different types of companies and industries.

Remaining Steady And Increasing

Selling electric signs is remaining steady. But some companies have also experienced an impressive increase in the number of electric signs that they are selling. Channel letters are in high demand and are in first place at an increase in demand of over ninety-one percent. Then cabinet signs had increased in demand at a percentage of just over eighty-nine percent. These are the two types of electric signs that are the most popular at this present time. Thus, this indicates that perhaps you should improve your marketing efforts for these types of electric signs if you want in on the action of selling more signs and gaining more profits. Then commercial signs that also are selling well are window graphics, banners, vehicle graphics as well as magnetic signage.

If you would like to consider how Signworld can help you in being successful with your own signage operation, we would be pleased to mention the opportunities and training that we can provide. We take pride in helping people achieve success with their sign operations.


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