Signworld Partnership FAQ: Greenhorn’s Guide to our Business Alliance

Signworld Partnership FAQ: Greenhorn's Guide to our Business Alliance

Signworld’s business alliance is unlike any other, which means we get a lot of questions!

Today’s post is meant as introductory material for greenhorns with an interest in the Signworld system. Read on to learn some foundational information about the Signworld business alliance, and to explore some helpful resources.

Is the Sign Business Profitable?

Yes! In fact, there has never been a better time to start a sign business. This might come as a shock considering the rise of internet marketing and the increase in businesses without brick-and-mortar locations. But the truth is that the industry is booming.

There are more than 65-million businesses in America, and hundreds of thousands of new ventures being launched every month. Every one of these businesses needs a variety of physical signs (from storefront signage to way-finding and point-of-sale displays), and many will invest in promotional signs intermittently throughout the year. Our business alliance helps you find a location in a light industrial area surrounded by potential customers, and our e-commerce model gets you access to global markets.

The sign industry is also enjoying a massive spike in demand for digital signs. As the technology becomes more affordable, businesses of all kinds are experimenting with dynamic digital signs with great results. Orbis Research reports that the digital signage market will grow from USD 20.74 Billion in 2017 to USD 31.62 Billion by 2023, which makes 2019 the perfect time to get involved!

What Does it Cost to Get Started?

Signworld’s start-up investment package is $210,000. You can learn more about our start-up fees here.

What is Included in the Start-Up Fees?

The $155,000 Signworld package includes:

  • All required sign making equipment and software
  • Pricing and point of sale software
  • 4-week training package
  • Unlimited access to weekly webinars and continuing education materials
  • Protected territory rights
  • Assistance with site selection and lease negotiation
  • Design, layout, and decoration consulting
  • Ongoing support, coaching, and next-day on-site repair visits
  • Annual convention (With 3 days of upgrade training)
  • One-time Signworld membership fee

The investment fee also includes $25,000 of startup expenses, which covers:

  • Website
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor signage
  • Security deposit
  • Phones, fax, and other office suppliers
  • Printing
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Miscellaneous tools and supplies
  • Travel expenses for training

Finally, your investment includes a $30,000 cash reserve for emergencies and shortfalls during the early goings.

Do I Need Previous Experience?

While sign shop experience is helpful, it is 100% not required. In fact, some of our most successful partners entered into the Signworld business alliance with no prior experience.

Every member of the Signworld business alliance receives training in tech, operations, sign-making/installation, point-of-sale, marketing, and back-end office management. We also provide responsive support and coaching, and next-day on-site service for any equipment issues that can’t be resolved over the phone. Additionally, all owners get access to the owners’ website, where you can connect with 300+ other allies to get help and have your questions answered. We also provide weekly webinars and an annual convention packed full of opportunities for troubleshooting and continuing education.

Are There Royalty Fees?

None at all. We pride ourselves on a system that maximizes our partners bottom-line ROI.

What are The Rules?

Signworld is not a franchise system that forces you to maintain a specific brand identity or business plan. Our motto is no royalties, no rules. We partner with like-minded individuals who recognize the value of a strategic business alliance, but still want to bring their unique brand vision to life. Our goal is to support your business and empower owners through continuing education, total transparency, and collective effort.


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