The Real Estate Development Group had a dilemma. The firm had a glass-enclosed conference room that robbed those meeting there of privacy. Besides that, it made it difficult for participants to concentrate with all the foot traffic in front of the room. To tackle the problem, a management team representative contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to assist with frosted and etched glass privacy film in Newport Beach.

Returning Client Boosts Privacy with Frosted and Etched Vinyl Glass Coverings

frosted and etched glass privacy film in Newport Beach.REDA is a returning customer. In the past, we wrapped an acrylic counter that the firm’s team did not like. By changing its color, it now blends in perfectly with the office’s setup. This is the reason the company contacted our sign shop to see what we could do about the fishbowl effect that meeting participants experienced in the conference room.

As is the case with so many contemporary offices, this one features plenty of visually appealing glass and chrome. The downside of this design detail is the lack of privacy. In the case of this client, there was also ample foot traffic in front of the space. This contributed to the distractions that meeting participants experienced.

frosted and etched glass privacy film in Newport Beach.Our technicians recommended the use of frosted and etched vinyl for conference room glass installation. The material looks elegant and contributes to the pizzazz of the office space. At the same time, it supplies a visual barrier that now covers the middle third of the glass panes.

Why Choose Frosted and Etched Vinyl?

frosted and etched glass privacy film in Newport Beach.You could undergo the expense of installing shades. However, these are expensive and difficult to keep clean. Besides that, you could have the glass professionally treated at the factory, but doing so is quite costly as well. In contrast, vinyl is an inexpensive product that nevertheless looks fantastic.

Most people have to walk up close to the glass to realize that you did not have the panels factory-treated. Installation is a snap and takes only a short time. For this particular client, we used a wet application method that ensured there would be no bubbles or ridges. The resulting product looks professional, elegant, and is suitable for any office glass application.

Do You Need Etched Glass Privacy Film in Newport Beach CA?

frosted and etched glass privacy film in Newport Beach.Does your company currently deal with an office or conference room that does not meet your privacy standards? Maybe you have attempted to obscure the view inside the space with plants or posters, but now the room looks cluttered. We can help.

Invite our technicians to visit your office for a site survey. At that time, we take measurements, offer suggestions, and show you what the finished product could look like in your space. Most importantly, we will answer your questions about the product and provide you with options.

frosted and etched glass privacy film in Newport Beach.For example, did you know that while the gray vinyl is the most commonly selected product for the job, there are also other colors available? Maybe red, green, or blue would support your brand message and meet your privacy needs at the same time.

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frosted and etched glass privacy film in Newport Beach