First Packaging Systems does business at 12615 Colony Street. With efficiency and up-time being critical for success, this firm has the equipment and material as well as the services to support customers’ industrial packaging needs.

Recently, the company worked with Red Mallard, a forward-looking marketing company, on a redesign of its logo in preparation for its new location opening. The firm then hired Superior Signs and Graphics to transform the specs of the new logo design in Chino into tangible signage.

Producing New, Removing Old, and Installing Brand-Focused Signage

New Logo Design in Chino CAThe project started with the removal of old vinyl lettering from the windows at the new location. Technicians went to the site, treated the windows, and disposed of the material. In the meantime, our specialists produced new logo vinyl window graphics that would replace the items we just removed. After preparing the windows for installation, we placed the new vinyl logos.

New Logo Design in Chino CANext, we focused our attention on stripping the monument signs of the old logo lettering. Technicians then painted the structures to return them to their excellent looks. Finally, we were able to install the new elements. They consist of ¾-inch-thick PVC letters and logos. Now, the attractive color play, brand-focused symbol, and updated lettering displays are the first things prospective visitors to the location see when pulling up.

Helping SoCal Rebrand and Reopen Businesses

New Logo Design in Chino CAOur sign shop routinely works with local business communities when there is a need to make changes to a logo, color palette, or even just open a new or second location. Often, our clients work with advertising agencies on any rebranding that they want to do. In this scenario, we receive the specs from that company to produce and install the products.

New Logo Design in Chino CAHowever, we can also handle the rebranding in-house. Our graphic artist works with business owners looking for new ways to present their corporate personas to changing consumer demographics. We assist you with the design of a logo and lettering style, help with the color selection, or simply do minor tweaks to the brand setup you already have.

Is It Time to Get a New Logo Design in Chino CA?

New Logo Design in Chino CAHave you already taken the first steps toward upgrading the way your brand engages the consumer? We want to help.

  • Design assistance. We show you proposed specs that highlight the change of your branding. These specs give you a better understanding of the final look before you commit to the design.
  • Site prep. There are outdated signs and elements on your facade and other sign surfaces. Invite our team to your location. We remove the lettering from buildings, vinyl from glass, and wraps from vehicles. Moreover, we prepare the surfaces for the next signage displays.
  • Production and installation. Whether we design or receive the specs from a third party, we gladly produce the signage. At that time, we use our equipment to do the installation ourselves rather than assigning it to third parties. Doing so allows us to work with your schedule.

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New Logo Design in Chino CA