Have you noticed the new signage trend sweeping the OC? Lightbox cabinets and channel letters are now taking a backseat to the artistry of non-illuminated building signs and 3D building lettering in Orange County. The variety of material options and budget-friendly nature of these products is quickly propelling them to business community favorites. Why are these signs such a hit?

Superior Signs and Graphics Produces 3D Letters In-House

Custom Building Signs and 3D Lettering in Orange County CAWe have invested in a state-of-the-art CNC router that lets us manufacture three-dimensional letters right in our shop. Our clients like that we can put together their signage products without enlisting a third party’s assistance. Most importantly, keeping production in-house enables our team to have full quality control of the finished product.

Non-Illuminated Building Signs are Great for Any Budget

Custom Building Signs and 3D Lettering in Orange County CASometimes, you need building signs for secondary structures on your property. There is not always a reason why they should be illuminated. At other times, you might have a façade that already has built-in light sources. You can capitalize on these lighting forms to direct the consumer’s attention to your signage in this situation.

Moreover, whether you work with a large or tight budget, our team can help.

  • Outdoor-rated sign foam. Two-pound sign foam is one of the most budget-friendly solutions for your outdoor signage needs. Our specialists can make three-dimensional letters that look great and embody your brand message. Add a metal letter face that gives the illusion of elements made from this material.
  • PVC. It is durable, looks good, and can be painted in any color of the rainbow. Our specialists will customize the color match to complement your sales collateral or online presence. Besides that, PVC lets you go big because it is a lightweight material.
  • Acrylic. This material looks like glass. However, it is paintable and, if you like, we can add metal facings. Some clients have had excellent success with the addition of imprinted vinyl overlays.
  • Aluminum. Of all the metals, aluminum is a favorite of business owners when shopping for building letters. Since it is long-lasting, it is an excellent choice for the company that does not want to redo its signage in the next decade or two.

By the way, no matter which substrate you select, our technicians can laminate the material with brushed aluminum. It adds elegance and pizzazz to your façade. Another way to control cost is with the selection of your chosen material’s thickness. Ranges go from ¼ inches to two inches.

Work with a Sign Shop That Specializes in Non-Illuminated Building Signs and 3D Building Lettering in OC

Custom Building Signs and 3D Lettering in Orange County CAAfter selecting the material, sizing, and color play of your custom building signs, it is time to consider the installation. Most business owners prefer a flush mount or pin mount with spacers. Because we are a licensed sign contractor, our team will gladly take on the responsibility of applying for permits. If you plan to have us mount the lettering higher up on the façade, we can accommodate your decision. Our shop owns an aerial lift that reaches heights other sign installers cannot.

Call us today to talk about your next three-dimensional building letter project!

Custom Building Signs and 3D Lettering in Orange County CA