In our last post, we discussed the new logo design we did for Unlimited Telecom. At that time, we treated a full-size Nissan NV2500. Because the client liked the van’s look, they asked us to treat the smaller city vans, too, with van graphics in Fullerton.

Adjusting the Original Graphics for Eight NV200 City Vans

City Van Graphics for Fullerton Telecom Company The city vans are smaller than the owner’s vehicle. They are excellent for use by technicians and to travel from project to project. For this project, we worked with the original wrap we designed for the NV2500. However, we scaled down the style elements to accommodate the changes in size and proportions. The result is a cohesive fleet presentation that offers identical displays for each vehicle.

Vehicle Graphics Bring Your Brand Message to Life

City Van Graphics for Fullerton Telecom Company Our shop has worked with many clients who use fleet vehicles in the course of doing business every day. They have already learned that multiplying the number of messages they feature on the roads significantly impacts consumers. Best of all, we can create one display that our technicians will then adapt to vehicles of all sizes.

There are plenty of options open to you.

  • Decals. These are customized spot graphics that we place on your vehicles. For vans or trucks, we recommend the sides and back. For passenger cars, you can do very well with featuring them on the doors. Decals combine your primary color palette with our font setup.
  • Partial wraps. The next step up is a partial wrap. It combines the information from the spot graphic with secondary details about your company. Additionally, you can add the rest of your corporate color palette to the look. It gives vans and trucks a finished look while greatly maximizing the display area on a passenger vehicle.
  • Full wrap. The full wrap uses the available surfaces of your van or truck to create an advertising vignette. Display your corporate persona against a backdrop of product images. Because we use high-resolution photos for these projects, the items shown are lifelike and do a great job boosting product knowledge among your customer base.

Of course, there are always some add-ons you might use. For example, businesses have successfully added reflective accents that make vans, trucks, and cars more visible after dark. Clients frequently choose to add these accents to the name portion of the corporate persona and some ornamental parts of a partial wrap.

Another addition is a perforated vinyl window cover. It continues a wrap over the rear or rear side windows. If you have a van that has passenger windows rather than merely the cutout areas, take advantage of this added advertising space.

Work with Our Visual Artist on Your Next Van Graphics Project in Fullerton

City Van Graphics for Fullerton Telecom Company Are you ready to treat your fleet vehicles with a new look? Do you want to update the graphics you currently have? Maybe you did not realize that you could have the same look for your vans as you can have for your passenger cars. We want to help. Contact Superior Signs and Graphics today to learn more about your options!

City Van Graphics for Fullerton Telecom Company