Do you recognize the name Value Rock? It is a premier property management company overseeing several spaces locally. Over the years, we have done various signage projects for this client. Recently, the client asked us to replace several weathered sign faces with graffiti-proof ‘For Lease’ signs in Orange County, CA.

From Plywood Boards to Sleek Aluminum Composite Panels

Anti-Graffiti Commercial ‘For Lease’ Signs in Orange County CAThe client had been using old signs that were barely readable after years of sun damage. We replaced them with quarter-inch-thick aluminum composite panels. They feature the brand-building message on contemporary commercial real estate signs that make the information stand out. These products will last longer than plywood. Moreover, we added an anti-graffiti laminate that protects this client’s investment in the products.

What is an Anti-Graffiti Laminate?

Anti-Graffiti Commercial ‘For Lease’ Signs in Orange County CAIncidents of tagging have been threatening the good looks of signage. Vandals use permanent markers or spray paint to deface signs or leave messages for others. In the past, business owners had to paint over the graffiti or replace the product altogether. However, this is no longer the case.

Commercial property ‘For Lease’ signs with an anti-graffiti laminate let you clean the product. After the vandals leave their marks, you remove them with a solvent and soft rag. The sign looks like new, and the graffiti is gone. It is a great way to deter future tagging. Also, you are more likely to find customers. After all, finding tenants when even the ‘For Lease’ signs are defaced will be challenging.

Of course, you do not have to limit the addition of an anti-graffiti laminate to real property signs. We work with plenty of clients in other fields who have also opted to install the laminate. Examples include apartment managers who had their monument signs treated and schools that opted for treatment of their parking lot markers. And, because the laminate is clear, it does not interfere with the message your sign communicates.

Anti-Graffiti Treatments Turn Your Vulnerable Signs into Examples of Your Branding

Anti-Graffiti Commercial ‘For Lease’ Signs in Orange County CACaring for the look of your signage is an expression of your brand identity. Customers notice the company that puts up a sign and then forgets about it. Because solvent use is quick, easy, and convenient, you do not have to schedule cleaning appointments with third parties. Over-the-counter solvents and rags do a fantastic job and return the products to normal.

Order Your Protected Signs Today

Anti-Graffiti Commercial ‘For Lease’ Signs in Orange County CADo you need graffiti-proof ‘For Lease’ signs in Orange County, CA? Are you looking for signs that guide customers around your property or parking areas? Do you want to display advertisements that you do not bring in after dark? An anti-graffiti laminate can add new functionality to signs that you might not have had considered before.

Also, the absence of tagging can make your company stand out among the rest. If you are unsure whether you should ask for the laminate, discuss your signage needs with our specialists. We can help you make informed choices during your next sign purchase. Call today!

Anti-Graffiti Commercial ‘For Lease’ Signs in Orange County CA