Evolus is a thought leader in the field of modern plastic surgery and performance aesthetics. The service matches prospective patients with vetted service providers. Located at 520 Newport Center Drive, its chic office space needed an elegant lobby logo sign in Newport Beach. This product would have to do its ambiance justice. Superior Signs and Graphics provided the assistance to turn this vision into a reality.

Combining an Acrylic Base with a Custom Color for a Great Result

elegant lobby logo sign in Newport BeachWe worked with the client to receive the specs that would make this sign fit in perfectly with the interior décor. Our technicians then proceeded to fabricate two logo signs. The first one features the company’s iconic butterfly shape.

The second one combines the logo with the lettering for an exquisite display of the corporate persona. We used one-inch-thick acrylic for the base. This is a long-lasting material that provides the three-dimensional display style the client was looking for.

elegant lobby logo sign in Newport BeachOur technicians threaded the backs of the letters to support studs that would hold the weight in place without movement. Then, we added a black base coat for the color and a second coat of a custom-mixed bronze laminate that our shop special-ordered for the client. It matches the trim on the desk and some of the counters.

Finally, our installers were able to mount the style elements in a highly visible space that welcomes visitors as they enter the amazing office space overlooking the ocean.

When Style Matters, Our Sign Shop Delivers!

elegant lobby logo sign in Newport BeachSuperior Signs and Graphics routinely works with Southland clients who are looking for that extra chic and style. Because the Orange County consumer is accustomed to companies that are a cut above, the signage needs to be spot on. Besides that, standing out in all the right ways is instrumental in making your brand message heard.

For this reason, we put a lot of emphasis on site surveys and design consultations. During these meetings, our experts will show you how to optimize your brand message in ways that fit in organically with the interior décor. Examples include the use of acrylic, flat-cut or cast metal, PVC, and sign foam.

elegant lobby logo sign in Newport BeachMoreover, we help you discover the best 3D setup for your needs. For the business that needs to keep an eye on the budget, we specialize in finding money-saving solutions that give you an excellent sign at a fraction of the cost you might have expected to pay. Examples include the use of sign foam lettering with acrylic or metal laminates.

Does Your Business Need a Lobby Sign in Newport Beach CA?

elegant lobby logo sign in Newport BeachInvest in a sign that is as unique as your brand message. Now is not the time to save on the perfect brand encapsulation method. Rather, explore how to wow the customer and first-time visitor every time with the right signage presentation.

Because our shop has invested in a high-quality CNC router, we can cut logos and lettering onsite. Doing so saves time and money. Learn more about your options by contacting our sign shop today!

elegant lobby logo sign in Newport Beach