Located at 649 North Euclid Street, Valerio’s Bake House needed a new logo in Anaheim, CA. But what should it look like? How could it resonate with the targeted consumer demographic? When this business owner needed help, they turned to Superior Signs and Graphics for help.

Rebranding Assistance? We Do That!

new logo in Anaheim CAOur graphic artist worked with the client on the design of a new logo. The goal was to appeal to the consumer who prefers a more contemporary presentation that nevertheless reminds of old-fashioned bakery values. We suggested changes to the logo design and a color update. When the client gave us the okay, we began the signage production.

For starters, we replaced two pylon sign faces. Not only were they now outdated, but they had also lost their good looks. Making the change was as easy as printing a new vinyl overlay with the changed logo, cutting out polycarbonate panels, applying the vinyl, and bringing our equipment to the location for the installation.

new logo in Anaheim CANext, we refaced the sun-damaged logo box outside the store. Consistent sun exposure is problematic on vinyl and acrylic alike. Moreover, this part of the sign had reached the end of its useful life. Since the client had chosen a box cabinet for the secondary building sign, a replacement of the facing was all that was necessary to replace the damaged product and feature the new branding.

new logo in Anaheim CATaking the brand message from the outside to the inside is possible with a lobby signage setup that features the sleek lines of the new logo. Our technicians used three-dimensional PVC for the construction of the individual style elements. Next, we custom color-matched the pieces to keep in step with the bake house’s new look.

We then flush-mounted the letters to the wall for an impressive, brand-focused display. Now, customers immediately notice the new brand message and have an easy time locating the bakery.

Does Your Company Need a New Logo in Anaheim CA?

new logo in Anaheim CAHow is your current signage doing when it comes to encapsulating the brand message your company represents? If you are unsure that it is still spot on, consider a rebranding. In the past, this meant working with an advertising agency to make the changes. This is no longer the case.

Superior Signs and Graphics can handle all aspects of the rebranding.

  • Logo redesign. If you are thinking of making a change to the logo, our specialist can help. We can make minor changes or complete redos. We gladly incorporate elements of your current brand identity.
  • Color changes. Sometimes, you just want to make a change to the colors. Recently, there has been a move toward darkening colors for a more vibrant display. Our technicians can show you what your signage would look like with different color tones before deciding.
  • Font updates. One of the most far-reaching rebranding decisions is the change of a font. It is typically something that business owners do when the company has been around for a long time. Similarly, it is one of the easiest ways of creating a completely new look. Once again, we can help.

Call Superior Signs and Graphics at (714) 248-5901 to discuss your rebranding!

new logo in Anaheim CA