Sign Business Tips: 3 Signs You Should Be Outsourcing This Sign Making Job

Sign Business Tips: 3 Signs You Should Be Outsourcing This Sign Making Job

Outsourcing is a tremendous tactic for sign businesses that want to increase their productivity and profits without having to invest thousands into specialized training and equipment.

Today’s post highlights 3 signs that you should start delegating your sign-making duties, and explains how the Signworld business alliance makes outsourcing easier than ever.

3 Signs you Should Be Outsourcing this Sign Making Job

  • You lack the skills handle certain tasks. Signworld partners have serious in-house production capabilities, but some jobs require special tools and skills. While Signworld partners always have the option of expanding their in-house capabilities through our ongoing training and education, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to spend all that time and effort when you can simply outsource the work.
  • Your budget is tight. Outsourcing is cheaper–that’s a fact, says Hiring, training, and equipping in-house specialists is always going to be more expensive. So if your current budget isn’t particularly flexible, outsourcing might be right for you.
  • You’re spinning plates. Running a sign business means spinning a lot of plates. You’re responsible for sales, marketing, bookkeeping, managing employees, maintaining your web presence, and getting deliverables to multiple clients on-time. If you’ve ever wished there were more hours in the day, outsourcing might be the perfect solution.

Outsourcing is Easier with The Signworld Business Alliance

Joining the Signworld business alliance gets you access to a comprehensive professional network that has been growing since founder Ken Kindt started Signworld in 1988. Quite often, Signworld partners can find the specialists they need within the business alliance. And if they can’t, they’ll definitely find a good referral.

Commonly outsourced items include:

  • ADA and engraved signage
  • Awnings and canopies
  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Direct to garment printing (hats, shirts, etc)
  • Electrical sign cabinets
  • Formed, cast, or cut metal or plastic letters
  • Grand format prints larger than 60” wide with a no-seam requirement
  • Lobby signs
  • Monument signs
  • Neon
  • Promotional items (mugs, embroidery, giveaways, etc)
  • Sandblasted and carved signs
  • Tradeshow display hardware
  • Wayfinding signage

Case Study: Divine Signs Delivers for Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance needed corporate branding signage for their new 783,000 square foot National Headquarters, and they turned to the Signworld business alliance for help.

Divine Signs owner Jeff Miller had been working with Zurich Insurance since the summer of 2004, but he’d never been asked for a sign like this. The project included over 2,100 square feet of custom cut and bent aluminum accordion walls, over 10,000 square feet of full color digitally printed wall wraps, and a custom cut 10’ x 16’ sandblasted acrylic map of North America.

As a Signworld business partner, Divine Signs was able to handle the vast majority of this project completely in-house. But a few components required specialty fabrication and machining, so Jeff partnered with local fabricators to get these items produced. The job went smoothly, staying on schedule and delivering a beautiful final product that brought in over $230,000 for Divine Signs.

But that six-figure payday wouldn’t have been possible without smart outsourcing strategies, and Miller’s ability to recognize that outside help was required.

Learn More about the Signworld Business Alliance

Visit to learn more about how the Signworld business alliance sets your company up as a “one-stop solution for anything sign, promotional, or marketing related.” And check out some other partnership perks while you’re at it!


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